One day I was watching “Eschede train disaster”, the episode from “Seconds from Disaster” documentary television programme (Season 1, Episode 5, 2004).

I was surprised by how many factors contributed to the catastrophe and decided to check the Wikipedia pages about the Eschede Derailment. I found some facts that were not mentioned in the “Eschede train disaster” film and decided to look for more information about the accident.

I found myself reading and cross-checking up to ten different sources. I started making the notes and realized that I could arrange them in a document and present the collected information in the form of a coherent narrative.

I have published the resulting document on Github. It is a gray paper, that is a personal compilation of the notes about the accident. At this point, I think that I know enough about the Eschede Derailment, but the paper does not cover everything: its sources have more information that the interested readers can look for on their own.

The paper can be found here.